Revelation Ch. 22
5. Watch,
then Read:
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The Mothman Prophecies
Compilation of My Prophesying
The 7th Trumpet has sounded; and
God's Mystery has been Revealed in    
this Essay!  
(Rev. 10: 1- 11)
Click Tree or Rabbit
Click Tree or Rabbit
*All three videos are also in the CD1 below.
* All three videos are also in the CD2 below.
Informal & Misc.
   Similar to the fictional movie “The Matrix”, ones inquiry into the Greatest 1 Command is
equivalent to eating the Red Pill to [SEE] just how intricate the world’s Spiritual
Matrix/Bondage truly is. Technically, visiting this website, watching and reading the material
on it are the first STEPS towards acquiring the knowledge that will FREE anyone from the
bondage, if they choose to. As one continues with the material’s STEPS so will the bondage be
made clearer.
   Therefore, please first watch the videos at the very top on the android phone named,
“MONOLITH”, and simply work your way down this site. When you arrive at the “Tree of Life”
continue reading by clicking each fruit on the tree. On each side of the tree are the virtual
CD1 and CD2, which will resemble the actual CDs if one were to insert the real ones (if one
were to attain them) into a computer. This is really where the STEPS begin with the WHITE
RABBIT at STEP 1 on CD1. The CDs photos below are not active.
   Sadly, our affiliated Yahoo Group: Greatest 1 Command no longer has the Files Section
where the final STEP 58 was hosted; and we have recently learned as of October of 2020, that
all Yahoo Groups will be permanently removed in December 2020. Therefore, our FINAL STEP
will be, STEP 54 on CD2 located on this website. Nevertheless, and ironically, like in the
movie “The Matrix”, if one will continue with all the STEPS, one will finish [SEEING] just how
deep the rabbit’s hole goes.
   And remember, in sequence before proceeding to appropriate numbered folder, finish all
the contents of each folder in both CDs, by watching, reading or listening in the order of 1-2-3.

   After previewing the information contained on this website, especially in The 2 Olive Trees
CDS, and if the Spirit that breathes through these 2 CDs affects and infects you, you are
welcomed to obtain them.
   Therefore, or, besides for a smoother viewing of the videos (and most likely just for the
sole purpose that these 2 CDS, we believe, fulfills the Biblical prophecy of Revelation 11: 4)
all are, once again, welcomed to obtain them, at least as a novelty of human history.
   Unfortunately, due to the many request for the 2 CDs, for their production we are asking
for a donation of $21.00 for the 2 CDs, the Case Cover, and the Dual Case which contains
them. We have dubbed the Dual Case as a “Mini-MONOLITHS”, similar to the movie, “2001: A
Space Odyssey”. Shipping and handling in the United States is around $5.00, and for
International distribution, one Dual Case with the 2 CDs as a First-Class package will vary. Or
just download all material for FREE and make your own CDs, permission is granted to share

  The proceeds from the 2 CDs will be shared among the hungry, the thirsty, the naked and
the homeless. (Matthew 25: 31- 46) Amen
The 2 Olive Trees CDs
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         Compilation of:
"Which is the True Greatest 1 Command?"
This CD is Active Below
This CD is Active Below